Friday, February 5, 2016


1. Interrogation
The first sign that the man would often interrogate you, MEN LOVE SIGNS IN A WOMAN as often bertanaya about things that could be considered private when you're alone. For example, the man will ask "yesterday to go home at whom?" "Your house is in an area where?". Usually the man will ask the show curiosity about yourself. And not only that he would suddenly widened silent when you answer less fun for him. Or sometimes he gives advice to you as if in a worry to you. agen bola ,

2. Eye movements
Perhaps mouth can lie, but the eyes can not lie. People fall in love can be seen from the movement of his eyes. The eyes are the window of the liver. As good as any man acted to hide his feelings, you will not be in the lying of his eyes. agen bola Try to note the way he looked at you. He always tries want eye contact with you secretly stealing glances. As there are hidden feelings in his heart. And if he is caught by you he will turn into nervous.

3. Incidentally-kebelulan that disenga and planned by him
When she's in love with you, he will always be looking for information about you, he will always be up to something in order to meet with you, but impressed by accident, like when you're eating with your friends, suddenly he appeared, padal you and he has no plans want to see, and it often occurs as a deliberate coincidence and has direncana him.

4. Attitude and body language that is different from the usual
Last sign is the attitude and body language are different. Try to note when he was with you or with other girls, as if you are special to him. He will always show concern with actions and words katannya. Or it could be the opposite, he agen bola  was very attentive to her friends but suddenly being cold and indifferent towards you and do not assume you are there, that attitude might change and very confusing for you.

Thus the signs of a man falling in love. But sometimes difficult to assess whether the man likes to you or not. Many men who show a sense of love, but not infrequently also the man who hides his love for them. So if if he shows signs of above 90% he likes you. Hopefully the above information useful and thank you.

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